Halloween Trunk Decorations

NEMO!!!!! Thrifty Trunk or Treat Decorating Ideas

Most of the car is decorated with Halloween theme or another theme based on the certain purpose. Kids will be easier to get candy from one car to another car in one parking area only, so they don't need to go further from their home. If you want to join this unique event, take a look at these 16 trunk-or-treat decorating ideas first.

While many Latter-day Saint Stakes sponsor these events in various places around the U.S., if you've never had a chance to trunk-or-treat, try starting one in your ward or community this year. The best part of this fun tradition? Decorating your car's trunk to match a specific theme you choose. Some people keep it simple, and others go all out.

A spooky witch is a classic Halloween decoration, but when using it for a trunk-or-treat theme, try brewing up a new spell. She'll still need her large cauldron and assistants like ghosts and a winged familiar, but for a bit of fun Halloween trouble, surround her with spooky spider webbing that glows under black light.

Inflatable decorations, happy pumpkins, and friendly ghosts can make your trunk non-threatening for younger guests. A Halloween ghost and pumpkin tree is a unique decoration that will liven up your trunk—it can even be used to pass out candy. You may also want to add a complimentary Halloween window decoration to make your windows glow.

Growing in popularity over the years, Trunk or Treat events are exactly as they sound — kids trick-or-treat from the trunk of a car, usually in a safe place like the parking lot of a church or

Wall, window, and hanging Halloween decorations are light enough to hang with tape or tacks, yet they easily fill a party space with color, a fascinating mix of textures, and visual weight. From kid-friendly pumpkin lanterns and fan garlands to six-foot long banners and creepy clown swirls, you

NEMO!!!!! Thrifty Trunk or Treat Decorating Ideas
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